Anyone here on CUE?

I just joined here and I’m actively looking for a platform to play on. Been doing online streams for years but all the big sites have disappeared 1by1.

I’m now trying out CUE which is pretty good and the person behind it is putting in the work still needs time to develop. Before that I ran a weekly show hosted on Upstream and before that, StickAm (the good ol days of video DJ streams).

I have a few DJs also looking for a new “home” but they are hoping to find somewhere that allows video and audio streaming, CUE is strictly audio right now.

Glad there are others places to try out and hope I get to try this one out.

If anyone’s interested, I’ve uploaded sets to my mixcloud account -


You have certainly found the right place! Slipmat is under active development and is the home to many DJ’s like yourself.

Be sure to join our Discord and also check out the “want to DJ here” links to find out more about the process for becoming a streamer.

Welcome and have your friends join as well, just don’t forget to tell them (like yourself) that when creating your first profile it’s a LISTENER profile that you use for chatting here on the forms and for streaming other DJ’s content. You will create a DJ profile later.

Feel free to join any of the shows listed in “Upcoming” on the main page for a glimpse at the format.

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Never heard of CUE, but then again, these new sites keep popping in an out of existent nowadays more often than ever. As a listener it’s not very rewarding as you need to keep learning (and joining) site after site, but I think in the long run it’s a good thing as it maintains a good pressure on all sites to keep moving forward :slight_smile:

But welcome to Slipmat – lots of friends here! :musical_note:

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Welcome. Have you and your friends tried streaming on Periscope? You can do audio and video there as well.

Periscope, Twitch and most other platforms are okay for streamers who are not serious about their events. If you’re just doing for fun for some of your friends. (In fact, they probably work better than Slipmat for that as many already have accounts/apps for these services.) But as soon as you need something a bit more professional, the downsides become obvious.

If you’re serious about your live shows and growing your audience you need data and tools that just are not there in most streaming platforms. Here’s some stuff Slipmat gives for you:

  • Detailed statistics about your audience (how many listeners total, how many new listeners, what percentage of listeners were patrons, your social media following growth between the shows, etc. etc. tens of datapoints)
  • Superb chat that works well for large (100+) audiences. (Chat is the key for building the community spirit. If it’s hard to follow or encourages just short text or emoji responses, there’s never going to be deep conversations nor proper bonding in the chat. It’s also important that the chat stays sane if there are 500 ppl talking, that’s where private rooms and powerful and automatic crowd controls help.)
  • Tools for aftermarketing. Almost all streaming platforms ignore the important aspect of online content: the long tail effect. On Slipmat your event pages are useful to you and your listeners after your events as well and if you tag them with correct metadata you’re building yourself ever growing presence on search engines like Google with every single event you play. The more events you play, the more content there will be promoting you and your shows, forever. Other platforms either totally ignore this or they block your content inside a walled garden (that is almost never visited by anyone after your event has ended).
  • Dedicated tools for DJs like request system and playlist publishing. Our request system allows you to use content from your DJ software as a library for your listeners to request from. You’ll never find this kind of integrations from generic streaming sites.
  • Finally, something that’s not very often pointed out but everything on Slipmat is 100% focused on audio and sound quality. This platform is built for music and audio, video (and everything else) is secondary to that. Things like low latency and high video bitrates are not important on Slipmat, gapless audio streams and uncompromised sound quality for all devices are. The fact is that almost all streaming platforms compromise audio quality over other features and while nowadays even the not-great quality is acceptable, it most definitely isn’t good.

What’s currently missing (but planned)

  • Tools for groups. Many shows are run by groups instead of individuals and current Slipmat workflows don’t offer any additional tools (like audit details of who edited what etc) for this. There are lots planned relating to this (for example group-focused task lists, show models that enable groupwork, group-chats etc.)
  • Chat-tools like voting, raffles etc. Voting is an example of very common thing many live shows do and we should have a built-in tool for arranging this automatically (handle voting itself, vote counting, collecting details from the winner(s) etc)
  • Native mobile app. This is important for two things: notifications and onboarding. I currently have an experimental version of a native iOS app running on my phone but this is still quite far away from beta phase I’m afraid.

Slipmat is definitely not the best platform for everyone, but for anyone even mildly serious about streaming and for those that fit this niche, haven’t heard of anything that comes even close :slight_smile:

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what about live playlist integrated with KUVO (Pioneer) source.
I mean copy data in live stream from kuvo to slipmat chat or somewhere on the site.

I don’t have access to any gear with KUVO but if there’s a chance to get in touch with some and there’s open API that we can use, then definitely yes, it would be great to implement that as well :slight_smile:

Good morning. I totally agree but I take my shows serious no matter what Platform I’m on. Great Sound and presentation is what I aim for!

Thanks for this great platform. Hopefully I can get my following over here!