An Update on the upcoming Slipmat Festival

Hello, Slippers!

By now we have contacted all artists who are invited to play at the festival on May 8-9.

From the initial impressions looking at the datasheet, I would encourage everyone to study what others are playing and try to find a narrower unique style for your set. Thinking about the festival audience, it would be nice to have some variance in the sets so if you are able to play different genres, try to think of something unique and edit your responses in the datasheet accordingly. This will help us organizers a lot when we are figuring out the schedules :slight_smile:

Currently, it seems that we are very heavily skewed to European artists. I would personally love to have the US and other parts of the world better represented. If you are outside of Europe and would very much like to participate in this festival, get in touch either @digitizedsoul (US / Americas) or @MrGoolsby (Asia) whichever is closest to you timezone-wise. (Note: please act fast, we want to finalize all the participants by the end of the week.)

There are also some artists on the list that are composed of several DJs. We have decided to allow them to play one 2h b2b set instead of a normal 1h set if they want to . All artists get just one set in this festival so make it count :slight_smile:

Lastly, from the behalf of the organizing team, I would like to thank everyone for good spirits and general helping out. If you have any questions or need help with anything regarding the festival, please contact either @DrBones (UK), @MrGoolsby (Japan) or @digitizedsoul (US) and be mindful of the timezones :slight_smile:

In a nutshell what happens next:

  • The organizers will now collect all artist data and start planning out the schedule
  • All artists should follow the datasheet and narrow down the musical genres they intend to play. Feel free to edit the document as many times as you like!
  • The artist managers will soon (early next week) send information on how to prepare the festival events.
  • We will publish a promotion page and material for everyone to use.

As the schedule is intentionally a bit tight and we all have other things in mind during these times as well, please try to be flexible. Let’s make this a great festival together! :slight_smile:

All comments and discussions very much appreciated of course here on Backstage as well!


Sure can do :sunglasses: I’ll play some industrial then…

i´ll play Lite Techno …forget that genre…