After 8 hours moderator close my event

I got a email that after 8 hours moderator close my event, this because I was not present at the stream (it was a video carousel), also because you’re in beta stage and other DJ’s need space, (I’m a Paid Pro member and the Pro account doesn’t have a limited)

Please help explain me why you stopped me live stream

Hi mate, your event hit two related bugs, sorry about that. No moderator touched your event but a new script installed on Saturday flagged your stream after it went over 8h and another script misinterpreted the new flag and killed it because there were neither DJ or listeners present. The email you sent was using a wrong template, sorry for the confusion. We’ll get these kind of details ironed out during the next few days as we’re bringing the new pro encoders online.

There are a couple of changes that we’ll need to do regarding event limits. First, a DJ needs to be present at the event all the time. If a DJ is not active at a stream, it will be automatically closed. This will eliminate the problem of streams running amok and DJs passing out mid-stream (has happened, lol) which will leave the event empty but the streamer still wasting server resources.

Second, we probably need to start enforcing some kind of event limits. The vast majority of Slipmat events are under few hours but there are some events that last very long (8+ hours). For these we need at least flag them beforehand to make sure they are treated differently from other streams.

Channels like automated 24/7 jukeboxes have never been and will not be allowed on Slipmat. We want to focus on actual live events instead. Running these kind of automated channels would require a totally different configuration for the streamers which at the moment is just not feasible for us to do. They would also require different pricing structure in the order of 200 EUR /month to be feasible to run. If you were planning to do something like this, please DM me and we’ll send you a full refund of your subscription.

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No it’s not my intention not to be present, not even to broadcast longer than 8 hours, normally I would play in a club from 23:00 to 04:00 (with an extension until 06:30) on Friday and Saturday. I think it would be nice to broadcast for regular visitors.

Maybe an idea to enter an end time (optional) where the live stream closes itself.


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Sure, your use case sounds totally valid. It’s not that we want to police what you can and cannot do on Slipmat, its just that we need to keep an eye on the server resources, especially now when we offer them as a paid service.

Again, sorry for the bug you encountered, it shouldn’t be a problem in the future. (Will update this topic once more after this one is fixed.)

This has been suggested before. We could maybe add it as a second safety measure to prevent forceful endings (and a reminder for those who use time-limited encoders) but I’d prefer the control still to be manual and the DJs responsibility as that gives the most flexibility.

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