About Violations Against Our Code of Conduct

Slipmat is a community effort and exists for the good of the community. While there should be room for big egos, there should not be room for bad behaviour.

It’s a duty for every member of Slipmat community to point out and react to violations against our Code of Conduct. This document is not just pretty words, it defines the rules and spirit of the community.

Any violations against these rules should be reported via email to conduct@slipmat.io with a short description of the incident as well as the event and time in question. The event chat logs are kept for this reason for 30 days, so every report can be verified and acted upon. It also means that there is no point resorting to mere name calling as the facts can easily be checked from the logs.

We are all adults here and everyone is expected to behave like one. The disputes should be dealt with swiftly and by talking civilly off-event, not by reacting on chat or in any other forum. Please do not spoil the fun for DJs and other listeners by negative or hateful talk!

I’ll leave this discussion open for now, so if you want to discuss in a civil way about our rules or enforcing them, that is allowed and welcome. But DO NOT reply with any personal attacks or name calling.

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