Where do i get the stream key/server etc?

Heys guys greetings from London :slight_smile:

I used to use the chew broadcaster on chew then obs on twitch so how can i connect up to broadcast on slipmat as i dont use youtube for copyright reasons.

Im guessing i can use obs but where do i get the stream key/server etc

Thanks in advance and sorry for my dumbness


Hello and welcome to the community!

There’s no dumb questions, we’re just lacking proper documentation.

On Slipmat you have a choice between various streaming methods. Traditionally there’s only been third-party options available but we’re just recently started working on our own native engine which is now available for alpha-testers.

If you feel like joining in helping with testing the best platform on the planet, read and fulfill the requirements, apply for the test group and you can get the fully native experience right here on Slipmat using OBS or any sw of your choise :slight_smile:

But if you play shows that absolutely need to work (like radio shows or bigger weekly events etc), I recommend using any available third-party option. This means that you set up your event end video somewhere else, and then embed the video on Slipmat, so you set up the event normally but use third-party URL in the event creation form.

thats great thanks for making it clear

hey guys

so i can see the insider group now but i cannot see streaming keys on my dj profile to generate my first keys ??

There’s still a bug in the bot, it seems. I activated the feature for you manually, you should see it now! :slight_smile:

cool thanks dude :slight_smile:

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:face_vomiting:burp noot working here, bot made me jump over annoying hoops and seems that nothing gained upon that… I just would like to play or participate here again after a loooong break… just got more new gear. :slight_smile: