Tried searching (editing profile links)

Just tried saving changes to url links facebook page etc… doesnt appear to want to save the changes.

Hi mate!

I just re-tested the live profile form with a test account, it seems to work fine with me. We’ve had past problems with Facebook-page URLs when people have been trying to put in a non-page URL but also in some rare situations where the page doesn’t actually work with Facebook API. We use the FB API to get statistics about your page, and to show when you get new followers both live during events and on stats pages after events. This only works for proper FB pages, not profile pages or any other pages, and if for some reason the proper page does not work, then you need to contact Faceboo support and ask them to fix their API.

The rest of the details on the profile are validated too, so be mindful what you’re trying to put in there.

If your problem persists, please send the actual data you’re trying to save (FB url, other account details etc) either here in comments or via pm, and we’ll take a look. Its impossible to debug otherwise as it seems to work fine for others.

Hope this helps and welcome to the community!

Thanks so much for the speedy reply…
Ive been getting so frustrated by the fact wasnt connecting to my facebook page. Initially I was thinking it was
the inevitable “facebook settings somewhere”
But even when I tried to update my info the same issue was present.
I typed : playing underground Techouse Techno & House.
this info wasnt updated so I gathered was eithier me *human error :slight_smile:
url im trying to add is

Thank you also for the warm welcome…

Sorry for the troubles, mate.

This URL works ok for me at least, I’ll try again with the local dev environment but it should work if you add it just like that (that is, including https etc.).

All social media profiles should “just work”, but as we don’t just blindly save the given data and show it willy nilly, we actually validate everything so they work correctly with the relevant APIs and we can give you detailed data about how your events affect your likes etc :slight_smile:

I tried adding the above link mate… but again im afraid it didnt add the amended link etc…
after pressing save…

Hey @truebrit, please pm me your account details (username, dj account name). Tried to set up your account on the dev environment but there were some issues. I want to make sure that everything is set up correctly here first.

Also make sure to set up your listener account and profile details ( ) correctly before editing your DJ profile details ( ). Everything seems to work normally here on production as there are no errors in the logs and there have been several updates to both user and DJ profiles in past few days. So if you still have issues, it’s probably something specific to your account.