Some links on site have no: target="_blank"


Some links on site have no: target="_blank"

If i go for exempel to: and click on:

Follow Deviate.DJ

The visitor is away form my profile, i think there has to open a new tab.
Is it possible for links to have a target="_blank"?

(i see a lot of links on the site have the target="_blank" but stil some don’t)



Opening links in a new browser window (or tab) is a gimmick that some sites use in the hopes of retaining the user on the originating site. This is a huge usability issue in most cases an definitely will not be implemented in any of the normal UI on Slipmat.

You want to offer your listener the best possible user experience when they are checking your profile out so by letting them surf freely as they wish is the least we can do.

In very specific cases like on live page where they are listening music, we do open the donate link for example into a new window to not disrupt the listening experience. But then the links usually indicate the different behavior either with an icon or by looking like a button which again offer the user a visual cue of what’s about to happen. (We do try to adhere all accessibility-related best practices as well so that screen readers and browser tools work as you’d expect.)