Quickstart guide for review and your approval

Hi Uninen.

I sent you a private massage on FB at DJ Uninen with a document I worked on after receiving assistance from Antti Lehto and used his help to complete and review it.

It is a step-by-step quickstart guide for new Slipmat users. Review it, suggest additons and changes if you feel some are needed and I can update it, and make it sharable and downlaodable if you feel it can help new and current users.

That sounds awesome - Thanks for your help!

Could you put the document somewhere (semi)public like Google Docs and send me the URL here (as PM if you like) instead?

(I don’t use FB for other things than promotion for my DJ alter ego and I do that with special APIs so I don’t need to log in to FB itself – I have a strong dislike for the evil platform.)

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Can you send me a private message on facebook with your email? I don’t use online storage.

Backstage has private messages, too, no need to use Facebook for anything :slight_smile:

I sent what I think is a private message. Let me know.

The guide looks great! I suggest you convert it to a post here in Backstage and we’ll make it a wiki-post, that way everyone interested can participate, modify and comment it and you can just pass the link to anyone interested (no need for registering for reading posts).

Just start a new topic, copy and paste the text and upload the images if necassary and you’re done! :slight_smile: