New to this site whats the good bits n bad folks

oi oi folks over to see whats what and hopefully dip my toes in the water, hows the service been so far ? and in comparison to what? how does it do with a lot of traffic watching etc? thanks wlw

Welcome! I’m a bit biased to comment about how our site works, but as for the question about traffic handling, everything here – unlike everywhere else I’ve ever tested myself – is designed from the assuption of 500+ listeners in the live event. (And 100+ events running concurrently.)

So everything will scale and continue to work normally even if you have a big bigger crowd. I’ve always seen Slipmat as a bigger venue in terms of functionality and scale whereas most of the competitors look like the local bar. There’s good and bad in both worlds but I wanted to point this out as this has been an important aspect that has driven our design from day one :slight_smile:

thanks for the reply