Hello from Philadelphia, PA

(Brian) #1

Hello to all!

The Engineer here! I would like to know how to listen/view to the streams! I’ve clicked on the two items I’ve found when I’ve logged in, but I don’t hear, or see anything. Browser does nothing. Is there software that I need to have installed to listen/view the streams? If so, where can I download it? I know the software is in beta, but if I’m going to participate, I need to have access to be able to participate.

I DJ and produce, and have new music in the works. I’m also in the process of setting up my streaming studio in my basement. I would like to be able to stream here if possible. I’ve signed up for the Beta, and have not gotten an e-mail back yet. If you want to check me out (with what I have done so far), you can do so at: www.daibutsumusic.com. There are links to my Mixcloud, Soundcloud, Instagram, and Facebook pages as well.

I hope to hear back from people on here. Thanks!

The Engineer // Daibutsu Music
daibutsumusic.com // @daibutsumusic