Hello from Philadelphia, PA

Hello to all!

The Engineer here! I would like to know how to listen/view to the streams! I’ve clicked on the two items I’ve found when I’ve logged in, but I don’t hear, or see anything. Browser does nothing. Is there software that I need to have installed to listen/view the streams? If so, where can I download it? I know the software is in beta, but if I’m going to participate, I need to have access to be able to participate.

I DJ and produce, and have new music in the works. I’m also in the process of setting up my streaming studio in my basement. I would like to be able to stream here if possible. I’ve signed up for the Beta, and have not gotten an e-mail back yet. If you want to check me out (with what I have done so far), you can do so at: www.daibutsumusic.com. There are links to my Mixcloud, Soundcloud, Instagram, and Facebook pages as well.

I hope to hear back from people on here. Thanks!

The Engineer // Daibutsu Music
daibutsumusic.com // @daibutsumusic


Hi Brian,

…and welcome! Sorry for awfully late reply. I’ve been gardening the forum and trying to answer all the posts I’ve missed.

You don’t need any software or app to use Slipmat, any modern browser will do. For DJs we require a fresh version of either Firefox or Chrome to make development easier at the beta stage.

What you’ve probably found is an empty homepage because there were no live streams going on. Slipmat is, at the time being, 100% focused on live events so there are only events showing when they are live (but when they are pre-scheduled, but then you only see the upcoming-page).

Our community is quite varied and we have both strong European community as well as DJs from Americas and other parts of the world, so your best bet is to just check in from time to time to maybe catch a show :slight_smile: I’m betting the community will get a pretty big boost soon when we get our native streaming engine released, then it will be easier to catch live shows. See you around!

PS. I host a live radio show here every Friday, the localized time for your timezone (if you’ve set it up correctly in your profile) can be seen with this widget: 2019-01-25T20:00:00Z – come and say hello some day! :slight_smile: