Heads up: upcoming server maintenance -week 4 / 2020

Hello peeps!

In preparing for an upcoming feature release, we’re doing some server maintenance and upgrades starting today and ending on Sunday. There might be some short outages and random DNS errors during this time as we shuffle things around and at the same time update some server software.

So don’t panic if you bump into some temporary errors during this week but please do report if you see something that breaks for more than few minutes. (These changes affect for example event management (starting, stopping, analytics) and several background processes so they are not easy to test with automations.)

I’ll post a follow-up here as soon as this work is done.

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Hei! I couldn’t actually get on at all for my show; it doesn’t appear anyone else is able to get on either. I tried everything I could think of to start the show but I just could not start it. Just reporting :smiley:

Sorry to hear about your troubles @Phoole – but thanks for the heads up.

I’ve done few hidden test events during past few days and they have been working nominally, although I know that because of recent DNS changes I needed to do quite a lot of tweaking to my own computer for things to get back on rails. Latest of these changes were done yesterday and they also should be final ones. DNS is a thing that propagates automatically but slowly through the Interwebs, it will fix itself in time, usually in 24 hours.

As Slipmat traffic is slowly but surely increasing week by week and as I assume that our next updates will accelerate this growth, we need to do these improvements now so our infrastructure is ready for bigger audiences. Luckily the biggest changes are already done :slight_smile: :tada:

(I’m also currently preparing a maintenance window schedule for the rest of the year so we can plan and communicate these better. All of the disruptive upgrades and maintenance work will be scheduled for Sundays and Mondays, and we’ll publish the dates and detailed time slots at least 1-2 weeks beforehand so our busy Fri/Sat days wont hopefully get affected that much.)