Having problems with ChewTv

Just to see if anyone else sees the Chew.tv having issues periodically with streams? - I have the same setup and config and it works somedays and not others? Anyone else experienced this? ?

Only thing I can imagine being a problem here is that the URL you’re trying to use is not an active event URL. You should only use URLs that are 100% ready and working for Slipmat forms as the backend script always checks it so it can fetch needed data for the embedding. Some Chew urls for example redirect to another URL, those will not work for Slipmat.

If you have any concrete examples, I’m happy to check them out for possible bugs.

YES! Happens to me all the time, sometimes I will have to create 3 events before it actually works. I also have had friends join the room just to confirm that they can’t see or hear anything

Nothing’s changed since my previous answer here; all I can say without an actual URL to check that given Chew URLs need to be active working URLs without redirection. I’ve seen a couple of examples, both of where the URL wasn’t proper.

If the URL works, the video works, and if the preview works, your event works. If the preview doesn’t work, don’t start the event as your video will not work :slight_smile:

Also, if you have actual live examples to give, that would help in debugging the issue in case there is an actual bug somewhere (which is totally possible)!