Enabling tipping

Hi guys, how do i enable payments for any potentially generous listeners to send me their hard earned cash?

When you have started live stream, you can find “enable tips” from admin panel under the video. You have to click show more to see all extra buttons.

It would be nice if we could enable tipping before show, but this is only way to do it at this moment.

And how you get the moneys… @uninen can tell more about it.


Ahhh cool, thank you- i will try and enable it later on, then maybe by Saturday i’ll be rich! :smiley:

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this time next year…:money_mouth_face:


HI guys, any update on this? How do i connect payments to my account and allow them to occur?
There’s no option to enable tipping when i was live

The tipping functionality is currently being moved to new platform as the old one is deprecated and doesn’t work with our new live page. At the time being all the tip management is done manually and therefore we don’t have the resources to scale it so we’re not currently adding any more DJs to the system. (Some of the DJs have offered to raise money for Slipmat, their tips are not forwarded anywhere, they are being used for renting Slipmat servers and other infrastructure - those accounts we can still add.)

The new platform should be available in a couple of releases time. It will be fully automatic and enable you to set it up yourself by registering to Stripe (which you can do right now to speed up the process) and connecting your account. We’ll post the details and documentation in release notes here on Backstage when the new code is released.

The speed of our release process depends greatly on the time we get to work on the site (versus doing user support and other related things). If you want to help, read relevant parts from Slipmat Beta 30 Released and Slipmat growing pains – all help and participation is much appreciated :slight_smile:


Ah cool - thanks for letting me know dude. I have a Stipe account set-up already, so I will pay attention to any developments. You are doing a grand job, thank you! :slight_smile:

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so I guess tipping now is still not an option? do you think it’s okay if I just send my listeners to my bandcamp from the chat messages? Or I can already connect Stripe manually?

this Stripe is not available in Russia, by the way. and guess never will. even spotify is not available in Russia. guess that’s not a problem, i’ll think of creative way of begging in the stream itself…
I’ve just been dreaming of those vodka tips :rofl:

That’s a shame! Is PayPal available in Russia? We should have an alternative to Stripe anyways and PayPal would possibly be a good one.

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Yes, the PayPal is available, I connected it to my Bandcamp. Russia has some crazy business laws concerning personal data servers and other stuff - that’s why many services launch here very slowly.


Thank You :pray:

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