DJ-admin panel just keep spinning and wont show anything

DJ-admin panel just keep spinning and wont show anything.

Unfortunately this did not help me.

Okay, then you’ve probably encountered the same bug one of our new DJ has also. I’ll take a better look.

Yup. Installed Firefox and tried with it also, same result, sadly would have liked to throw in my first set tonight, guess ill still go with twitch this time

Found and fixed the issue. There was a new information bit on the dashboard which broke for new DJs. This is now fixed and pushed to production.

Thanks for reporting the issue. Ping me after your first event and I’ll extend your trial for thanks!

PS. Before logging in to the DJ dashboard, visit here first:

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Hooray! I will try to setup new event for tonight :slight_smile:

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i have same issue, i tried delete cookies and data but is the same ;(

Hi @REXOLOGY take a look at the manual fix here, it’s 100% effective if you clean everything: Changes to Slipmat login / authentication

And as a temporary workaround, you can open either a private / incognito window or another browser, it works as well.

After private / incognito window i can finally create gig, but for now is too late. I already created gig for tomorrow on twitch because i had this issue. Anyway, thanks for help @uninen .