Can\t create new event

Trying to create/schedule new event and just get the spinning icon?
Using chrome as normal not changed anything since last event created.


I also have this issue - just a spinning wheel?

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Same issue here

This is related to the auth issue, to which I just posted a final fix that sorts the problem for DJ-related functionality as well.

As long as you refresh the page, everything should be back to normal now no matter how bad browser you use :slight_smile:

Now it works… I did delete cookies and stuff :slight_smile:

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yes working fo me know, logged on with different laptop and worked straight away

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I have done all that but it still doesn’t work? Can someone explain to me why not please? I’m paying for this now,so it’d be great if i could use it properly

Sorry to hear that @urbanloveulcer ! We’re not seeing any errors in any logs regarding this matter so you are maybe experiencing some other issue.

Just to make sure that this is unrelated, please follow the automatic instructions here (ie. visit the logout link, refresh manually and login again): Changes to Slipmat login / authentication

Please do the following first. If you still experience problems, visit the following URL and copy the resulting URL to help me with debugging: AND please explain in detail what are you trying to do, what do you expect to happen and what’s happening instead. It’s important for me to be able to reproduce the problem and/or find some related logs in order to fix it.

(Again, as a workaround, a clean browser session with either a private (incognito) mode or a different browser clears the cookie issue.)

I’m happy to help via a quick zoom-session or similar if the problem persists. There hasn’t been any major changes to DJ-related functionality so it’s probably just a browser issue.

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Thanks for the swift reply and tips, man! im actually starting to think this computer isn’t working very well now (it’s not even mine), but it’s been having some real issues with stuff lagging for a few days now and i’ve not been able to do a lot of work on it today in particular. I’m going to try this again later after the football, if it doesn’t work this time, i’ll let you know what it says - apologies i’m not very technical dude, but i do appreciate the help!

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Thanks @uninen, managed to get a show set-up! Chrome is proper weird on this computer though, but maybe i just don’t undersatnd Windows 10 very well. On another note, do you know how to get the menu bar back in chrome? Haaa just kidding, but mine has gone AWOL :joy:

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Good to hear you’re back in business! :slight_smile:

On Mac it’s under View menu, I believe it’s something similar on Windows :sweat_smile: