Beta For How Many Years? Common

It’s so hard to spin on here compaired to all the other sites from the past! Ya’ll need to make it easier to spin here! Reddit DJ peeps wanna come here, hook up and spin. They don’t wan’t or need to go through several sites to spin here! People want to spin and not sign up or into 9 sites to spin here. Make it easier and you’ll have the WORLD here to DJ. Keep sleeping on it or keep it in beta for a few more years you’ll fail. WHY SHOULD I LINK A youtube VIDEO HERE WHEN EVERYONE IS THERE? Don’t mean to sound like a dick but I’m just shooting reality here! How long has this been a beta site? 5, 6 years? I’ll be hated, blocked or whatever for this but I just spent $3500.00 on DJ equipment and this site is no different from years ago. Guess I’ll be on Bandlab with the cam or leaqring how to set up other sites so I can stream here. Love y’all~!

Instead of ranting, would you be interested in telling about some concrete things that you find hard about spinning on Slipmat? Or maybe helping out with the community?

Slipmat does not have a team of highly paid engineers to work on the site full time. We’re a community driven site, built for free, without pay, for you to use for free. If you want to help, that’s great, but this kind of ranting does not help much.

We’ll be out of beta when we have a community of volunteers to help with onboarding new DJs and when our tech is stable and easy enough for everyone to use.

In the mean time, if you find things too hard on Slipmat, you can either join in and help us to grow, or join some of the dozens of other sites which many are operated with a budget of millions and a large team of engineers and support personnel.

I’m 100% confident that Slipmat is still here when most of those sites die, but as an open source and community-driven project, we obviously can only move as fast as our community enables us. Again, ranting does not help much. I could have spent this time making the site better, but instead I’m writing this and part of me is wondering why I even do this in the first place. I guess I just want to believe in the community and giving something back as there luckily are generous and people here as well who do give their time and help with things.


There’s always gonna be haters, try and not let it get to you, the rest of us appreciate what you’re doing here.


Sorry I ruffled some feathers. I didn’t mean to get off on the wrong foot. I took the wife yelling at me for buying this stuff on you! And I’m sorry. This Rane equipment sat in the living room for months because the wife said no. She said sell it! In the mean time I still looked for someplace to spin. Several months later I found you and I said The heck with it. I’m pulling the stuff out of the box. (She was gone on the days I posted). I became desparate to spin and show her I could still spin like the old days. I am truly sorry! With the wife on my ass I got on your nerves and that wasn’t right. I’m not a hater! I’m a lover of great DJ mixes. After I spent $3500 on equipment and found no where to spin I freaked. And again, for the third time I’ll say I’m SORRY! As they say, text never tells the whole story. Well, now you have some of it. @DrBones @uninen